• Heber Brown, III

It's Time To Step It Up!

One of the foundational tenets of Christianity orbits around the sacrifice of Jesus at Calvary. Those who have grown up in church like me have heard over and over about the sacrifice of Christ.

His sacrifice, we were told, made new life...abundant life possible for all. Believers that want to be like Jesus, then, are urged to give themselves to sacrificial service as well.

This is a timely reminder during this historic time. I believe that what our community needs more of right now is people who are willing to get a little uncomfortable for the sake of a safer and more just world that better reflects the heart of God. The opportunity for historic change is right in front of our faces, but it won't just fall in our lap. Like every generation before us, we'll have to work if we want things to get better.

I've made up in my mind that it's time for me to go a little deeper in the area of sacrificial service. It's time for me to give more of my time, talent, and treasure.

Responding to this call, I'm preparing to increase my sacrificial service in a number of ways.


I'm about to ramp it up even more with The Black Church Food Security Network. We're hiring a Financial Accounting & Fundraising Director and other positions as well because the Black community will never be fully free if we cannot feed ourselves. We need a team of people that are paid and supported so they can work on this every day! Being able to feed ourselves (especially during a pandemic!) is just that crucial.


I'm preparing to do more concerning education through Orita's Cross Freedom School. We already know that many of our children are going to struggle this year with virtual learning and a lack of socializing opportunities. While our Freedom School has an AMAZING small team of volunteers, we don't have any paid staff and most of you know that you can only go so far with a fully volunteer team. It's going to take some money to put paid positions in place for Freedom School so beginning in August I'll start making regular, monthly financial contributions to the program.


There are so many people who look to me as a pastor-figure in their lives or are excited by the kind of ministry that I lead at Pleasant Hope Baptist Church, but I don't need another pat on the back or another round of applause. What I'm really hungry for is more people that feel called to serve God and the Black community shoulder to shoulder with me.

The full potential of this revolutionary moment will not be realized with part-time or inconsistent effort. Freedom demands sacrifice. I'm looking for the people who are seriously ready to commit their lives to sacrificial service EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I'm clear that that looks different for different people. I'm also clear that balance, self-care, and rest are revolutionary. But there can be no wavering on the commitment to serve God and Black people EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

I believe that if we come together, like Jesus brought his disciples together, then we too will do our part to point the way to everlasting life!

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