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Community Organizer

Social Entrepreneur

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For more than 20 years, Dr. Brown has given presentations, facilitated workshops, conducted trainings, and served as the keynote speaker for hundreds of events in diverse settings. Check out how you can have him be a part of your event.


From podcasts, to radio interviews, print, and live TV, Dr. Brown has been featured in a great variety of media outlets.  Check out some of the latest opportunities he's had to amplify his work.


Dr. Brown brings a high energy presentation that doesn't just feed the mind, but touches the heart as well.  Take a look at the list of those who have benefited from his unique ability to take groups of people on a journey they won't soon forget!


"Critique What Is, Create What Should Be" - this is the epiphany that I received on the eve of my 30th birthday and it is the mantra that guides me to this day.  


I am determined not just to point out what's wrong in the world, but to focus my energy in partnership with others to create more just alternatives.  Not only am I committed to this for myself, but I have dedicated the better part of 15 years in helping to inspire others to tap into their unique genius as well.

As pastor, public speaker, community organizer and social entrepreneur, I am a difference maker with a proven track record of inspiring, training, and teaching diverse audiences.


Black Church Food security network

We co-create Black food ecosystems anchored by Black churches in partnership with Black farmers and accomplices.

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