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All I Need Is One Mic...

Rev. Brown... your entire presentation was the highlight of my...month! I honestly can say that that was one of my favorite classes I have been part of in my entire academic career. I loved your openness, your willingness to make people uncomfortable but without alienating them. You took us on a journey. Your passion and love was most memorable - everyone in the room felt it.

-Johns Hopkins School of Public Health Graduate Student

From preaching at church services to lecturing for universities, Rev. Dr. Heber Brown, III is a seasoned and dynamic public speaker that is skilled at presenting before diverse audiences.  If you're looking for someone to inspire, inform and ignite a congregation, class, or crowd, Dr. Brown will co-create with your group an interactive experience that they won't soon forget!


  Some of Dr. Brown's favorite things to talk about include faith and social justice, food equity, community outreach with integrity, community organizing, the Black Freedom Struggle of the 20th Century and African American agricultural histories.

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